The Guesthouse

Our guesthouse can be found in the small village of Amarantos, just north of Konitsa at an altitude of 1260m. Surrounded by pine and fir trees, its natural beauty is an ideal place for a nice relaxing getaway. A cozy family enviroment awaits you while we take advantage of the local hospitality while maintaining the rich culture and beauty of the Grammou mountains.

The Rooms

Our guesthouse has a variety of rooms that cater to all the needs and desires of our visitors. It is embraced by an assortment of flowers, plants & trees, giving the feeling of absolute bliss. Join us to relax and rejuvenate youtselves in our fully renovated rooms, with spectacular views of the Smolikas and Grammos mountains! Our rooms offer a warm atmosphere and are fully equipped and beautifully decorated.


Our hospitality along with the beautiful view of the mountain ridge of Smolikas and Grammos make our guesthouse not only an ideal location for a romantic night for couples but also a warm cozy nature-based getaway for the whole family to enjoy.

On August 30, 1949, the headlines of the Athens newspapers reported the news that the Kamenik Hill in Grammos, the last bulwark of the Democratic Army, was occupied by the National Army. It was the military end of the Civil War, the cruelty of this encounter that had begun in 1946 and cost the lives of thousands of Greeks. With the rise of the Greek flag on the Kamenik Hill in Grammos, on August 29, 1949, the guerrilla war officially ended.

The mountain hikes, forest walks, ascent to the Kamenik peak and the stone mill alongside the Ziasaka bridge will amaze you!


Mastorohoria is a group of mountainous settlements on the northeastern edge of the prefecture of Ioannina in the area north of Konitsa. It's well known for its history in the art of stone-crafting. The local craftsmen built numerous works (stone bridges, churches, public buildings, residences) throughout Greece, the Balkans and some distant countries such as Ethiopia, Persia and America.

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